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More Than Just A Smile

Welcome to Symmetry Dental, where the Dr. Ryan family leads a dedicated team offering specialized sleep solutions. Dr. Patrick Ryan, a Master of Sleep Medicine, and Dr. Joseph Ryan, Canberra's sole Oral Medicine Specialist, bring unique expertise to our practice. Beyond addressing sleep apnea, we understand the critical link between oral health and overall well-being.

Our approach extends to orthodontics, recognizing the connection between narrow jaws and poor quality sleep. We provide personalized interventions for issues like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), focusing on underdeveloped jaws, crowding, and narrow arches. Integrating orthodontics into our care, we aim to optimize both your sleep and oral health.


Knowledge & Experience

We have the knowledge and experience, along with access to the latest dental diagnostic and treatment technology, to ensure that our patients have the smile they desire and the proper function to support it.

  • Early Intervention Orthodontics

    DR PATRICK RYAN BDSc MSc (Sleep Medicine)

    Early Intervention Orthodontics / Non Extraction Orthodontics

    Guided growth orthodontics, also know as orthopaedic orthodontics, is a method of treating crooked teeth and jaws by correcting dysfunctional growth patterns through the use of functional appliances. Many of these dento-facial growth problems can be diagnosed during the early stages of a child’s growth and when left untreated can mean surgical interventions, extraction orthodontics or more invasive techniques that what could of otherwise been used at a younger age.

    Orthodontics recommends that a child get their orthopaedic orthodontic assessment at the age of seven years, as many common orthodontic problems can be diagnosed and easily treated before jaw growth has slowed. At Symmetry we recommend our patients come in at the age of 3. WHY? Many habits such as thumb/finger sucking, long-term dummies and other oral postural issues can be easily remedied at this age and help mitigate the development of a crooked jaws or teeth or reduce the severity in the future. Also an assessment of lip and tongue-ties, tonsils, dental health and respiratory issues can be very beneficial for a number of patients. (more information can be found in resources tab)

    This early diagnosis is made possible by new innovative research into the area of Dentofacial growth. Not only is early orthodontic evaluation helpful in assessing the relationship developing between your child's teeth, jaws and face but it may also save you money in the future!

    An early assessment at Symmetry Dental can help with the following:

    • Correct and Guide jaw growth
    • Correct harmful oral habits (mouth breathing, poor swallow patterns and general poor oral postures)
    • Provide assistance on treating thumb/finger-sucking habits
    • Assess Tonsils and Adenoids (clinically and radiographically) and provide suitable referrals
    • Assess and correct present lip and tongue ties
    • Prevent crowding of teeth and tooth removal
    • Lower the risk of surgical interventions, including surgical expansion, extractions and other procedures
    • Improve stability of orthodontic results
    • Guide for more aesthetic facial growth
    • Prevent long orthodontic treatment times

    If you notice any of the following, it may also be beneficial for you child to be evaluated by our team at Symmetry Dental: (more information can be found on our resources page).

    • Mouth breathing, or open mouth posture
    • Sucking of the thumb or other oral habits
    • Lower jaws that are set back or too far forward
    • Difficulty in speaking, chewing or other functional issues
    • Early or late loss of baby teeth
    • Difficulty in closing lips
    • Grinding or clenching habits
    • Cross-bites
    • Facial imbalance

    It’s important to get the right treatment at the right time so that it lasts and you can have your perfect smile for life! 



  • Orthodontic Alignment


    Have you always wanted that straight smile? Orthodontic treatment can help to straighten crooked or misshapen teeth, close gaps and correct bite problems – AT ANY AGE.

    Have you always wanted straight teeth and now think your age is holding you back? Think again! Orthodontic treatment in adults has become a popular and successful option for many. Our team at Symmetry can give you a full diagnosis and a list of treatment options to allow you to determine what is best suited for you. Modern orthodontic treatment has evolved and is now convenient and socially acceptable for adults. At Symmetry Dental we offer a number of alignment options including invisible braces and clear aligner therapies for adults. 

    Symmetry dental understands that orthodontics is changing and it is not simply to give patients 6 straight front teeth. Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws are commonly associated with a number of other health related issues, including sleep disordered breathing, Sinus complications, Head, neck and jaw pain just to name a few. Dr Patrick Ryan’s Masters in Sleep Medicine and Dr Michael Ryan’s Masters in Pain Medicine allows Symmetry to be at the forefront of these innovative changes as well as allowing the team to provide some of the most advanced and high quality treatment available.  

    To find out if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment, arrange a consultation for orthodontics at Symmetry Dental. We'll give you a comprehensive assessment to determine your suitability and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.


    Adults with crooked teeth and a misaligned bite can contribute to:

    • Poor facial and smile aesthetics
    • Tooth decay
    • Gum and bone loss
    • Increased wear of tooth enamel
    • Headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain
    • Difficulties chewing and biting
    • Self-esteem issues


    Clear Aligners

    Nearly Invisible – clear aligners promises just that – nearly invisible alignment. To straighten your teeth while retaining your confidence, this is a great solution.

    Completely Removable – Because you can remove clear aligners, you can eat, brush, and floss easily. This makes it simple to keep your smile looking great as you resolve alignment issues!

    Improve Overall Oral Health – Straight teeth aren’t just beautiful, they’re beneficial from an oral health perspective as well. In fact, straight teeth can improve gum health, chewing, speech, and remove pressure from supporting bone and jaw joints.

    Limited Dental Visits – New aligners are necessary every 6-8 weeks, meaning you spend less time at the dentist. 

    Clear Braces

    Freedom from metal braces!

    Using state of the art porcelain clear braces systems at Symmetry Dental we can provide you with that straight smile without the metal ‘train track’ look. This is the perfect alternative for patients where clear aligners aren’t always an option for patients and sometimes braces are needed. Clear Braces allows you to maintain an aesthetic white smile while getting that straight smile you’ve always wanted.

    Speak to our dental team today to discuss your options for orthodontic alignment.