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Dental Health Resources.

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  • Guided Growth

    Guided Growth – What’s involved?

    What drives the development of our jaws and faces?

    Living bone is extremely susceptible to pressure and stimuli.

    The upper jaw and nose/sinus complex requires nasal air pressure to stimulate normal/ideal growth. This development is then modelled and retained by ideal tongue posture and swallow patterns (which is only possible during nasal breathing)

    0-5 years of age is the period during which the nasal/maxillary complex (upper jaw and middle part of your face) goes through its most significant growth.

    Upper jaw/mid-face growth is generally complete by 12 years of age, whilst the lower jaw may continue to develop into your 20s.

    What can be done?

    Stage 1 treatment – 0-12 years

    Can your child breathe? Any restriction in nasal airway compromises neurological and physical growth.


    • Breast feeding – sitting up, baby at ~45°
    • No tippy cups or straight teat bottles
    • Check fraenum at birth (tongue tie)
    • Chew unprocessed foods
    • Retrain breathing/chewing/swallowing habits early

    Reeducation of aberrant habits

    • Use of lip taping at night (e.g. Micropore or Leukopore tape)
    • Nasal strips (e.g. BreatheRight strips)
    • Chew sugarless gum with lips together

    Myofunctional retraining

    • Myobrace removable trainer/retainer
    • Assessment with orofacial myologist if required

    Breathing retraining

    • Assessment of breathing behaviour/efficacy
    • Retraining of daytime breathing if required

    Ear nose and throat assessment

    • Tonsils, adenoids, nasal polyps, allergies
    • Nasal decongestants

    Stage 2 treatment – 5-14 years

    Guided growth arch development plate therapy

    Upper jaw

    • This treatment is designed to develop bones to make more room for the teeth; improve facial profile; improve posture; decrease head and neck pain; decrease clicking/popping/locking of the jaw; and aid in prevention of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and sleep-disordered breathing.

    Lower jaw

    • Lower jaw maintains active growth patterns until mid-20s.
    • Lower jaw growth is stimulated by tongue muscle attachments

    Lower jaw treatment

    • Bonded composite molar platforms
    • Encouragement of nasal breathing and ideal swallowing

    Follow up use of myofunctional night appliances

    Stage 3 treatment – 12 years and older

    Tooth alignment (orthodontics)

    Requirements for straight teeth

    • Bony space to fit all teeth
    • Bite pressure
    • Lip and tongue pressure – swallowing/breathing
    • No aberrant habits
      • Thumb sucking
      • Mouth breathing
      • Tongue thrust
      • Reverse swallow

    Final tooth alignment using fixed braces or sequential aligners is often used to complete perfect alignment of teeth.




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